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[13 Aug 2005|01:39am]
[ mood | confused ]

well kids i have returned from my trip! be excited!

i left on sunday and emily came with me which was good cuz it would have been a lonely drive. it started on friday but since karen was here until saturday and abbeys bday was saturday i went up sunday. so we left at around 11 and got there around 2:45 3ish. and can i just tell you that this has probably been then most eventful campout. which is ironic since there were a lot of people that didn't go this year. so im just gonna put the stories in the lj cuts since im pretty obsessed with them and you can read the ones that you think will be good. theres a lot and you may not think some of them are funny cuz you did not whitness them but they still are.

fifteen arby meltsCollapse )

dumb dumbCollapse )

the sockCollapse )

damn po posCollapse )

the river queenCollapse )

the roudy owlCollapse )

oscoda breeds psychosCollapse )

the tallest kid ever!Collapse )

quotesCollapse )

campout song 2005Collapse )

well i think that is it. this was probably the longest entry of my life. NOT GONNA LIE! so if you read all that which is not likely you might not think any of it is funny BUT IT IS! so ha! alright kids im out.


: ) [25 Jul 2005|12:00pm]
oh man i totally forgot to tell you all (even tho you probably don't care even a little bit) but

ANNIE DEVANEY IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!! totaly cutieness. aww.

so now thats Stephen Frey getting married in september
i just recently found out Angela Sharper got married
and now annie!
oh wait Corrie Mamo got married too but a long time ago so i forgot..ha oops!
so that 4 people my age...3 of which i have known since kindergarten.
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throw the party of month? naw the party of the year! [02 May 2005|11:23pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so today was boo because my father said he was going to take my car to work with him to see if he could fiz my window somewhere out there nad yea so i went to drop my sister off and it was mos def just chillin in the drive way all taped up with plastic and shit! UGH stupid liars!

anyway went to work and shannon and mich were working so that was fantastic we always act some fools! nobodys car got broken into today...

and OH MAN! me and shannon are totally throwing a VIP partaaay this summer! its gonna be invite only! and additional guests must be pre approved my shannon or i. we are terribly excited about this its gonna be so HOT!
we don't have a theme yet but oh yes we have plans! i want to have it at my parents house cuz its bigger and funner and they go up north a lot in the summer so there should be a weekend where it can be mine! YESS we are like totally excited!

anyway i think that is all for the moment!

1 holla'd| holla. [23 Apr 2005|10:56am]
ok i only have to say one thing...the weather in this state is completley unexceptable. i do not approve of it being 84 degress the other day and today its snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!! um i don't think so mother nature you betta work on that!

[26 Jan 2005|05:34pm]
[ mood | cold ]

ok so its been quite some time since i have updated. my father still likes to find a way to look at this tho even tho i put friends only you can still get to it hmm.... anyway i have been working and babysitting for my cutie! i babysit him from 8 to 4 on tuesdays and thursdays and hes just the cutest. i have to take him to pre school and stuff and sometimes i take him with me on errands and stuff he likes to go on "adventures"

oh man the other day we were reading this book and it had like 4 stories about these two elephants George and Martha who are "friends" and one of the stories was like this and i just about died

George is fond of peeping
(picture is of george looking at martha through the window...shes in the bath tub)
George peeps on Martha.
and then like martha sees him and throws the bathtub on him but it was funny oh man.

anyway yesterday was lova day and i went to lovas house and we had our pizza, bread, and reality TV plus sex and the city time. it was grood!

and im gonna go now cuz im cold and i can't think of anything else to say

MICHAEL GIVE ME CLUELESS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[25 Dec 2004|11:35pm]
[ mood | tired ]

oh man christmas is almost over...:( i am le sad.
anyway i think it was a grood christmas. yesterday i had to work till six thirty and we usually go to church at 5:00 but for some reason i thought it was later so i just worked so we had to go to midnight church and i was le tired. i came home from work and changed and got presents and went to my moms house for the gathering of my moms side of the fam. this year we did this lame thing where everyone brings a gift and we put it in the middle and everyone gets a number and you pick a gift according to your number and when its your turn you can either pick a new gift from the pile or steal one from someone else and then they get to pick a new one. and so my mom told me and my sister that it was suppose to be funny and like gag gift type things and so we got trashy romance novels to contribute and my 11 year old cousin picked one and i thought it was real funny but my auntie did not...anyway i ended up with a bucket of popcorn, a gift card from blockbuster and some raisinettes which are my FAVORITE! and then we had to go to church and then we came home and my mom gave me and my sister the traditional christmas eve gift which is always PJs but its still fun! and then i went sleepy, i stayed at the parentas, and then we woke up in the morning time and opened presents. i gots stuff. clothes, dvds, book, my mom got this really cute jacket but its slightly too small so we'll see what i can do about maybe getting a bigger size. i got the 90s addition trivial persuit so now maybe i can answer some questions. i also got a game called apples to apples which is a good party game its funtastic. my BFF got me this big pillow that looks like a raisinette bag! its really the greatest thing i have ever seen. and now i am home just a chillin my parents are watching love actually which is a cutie movie. and i think ima go to bed soon cuz i have to babysit tomorrow at 9 and then my dads side of the family which is usually on christmas day is tomorrow this year so i gotta go to that too. and im out.

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[14 Dec 2004|05:15pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so i was in the middle of updating earlier and someone decided it would be a grand idea to pull the fire alarm in the library...this girl next to me was like what the hell! this happend this morning too! and so she like wouldn't move but then this lady came around and told everyone to get out. anyway this weekend i worked lots. i worked friday from 12 to 630 and before work and then me and my cousin went to AA to see my sista and we went to dennys it was good times. then i took cuz home and i went home to sleeeeeep. and saturday i had to work at 130 till like 1030 or something and then after work i went to see Oceans 12 with amanda! it was grood. and then i worked sunday at 11 to 530 and then i went home and chilled out like it was my job. and then monday i didn't have to babysit so i slept and then i had to work at 5. then today is my last day of classes and i have my last class at 6 and i have a test. its not really a final cuz we don't have a final in this class we just have 5 exams so yea. then today is lova day!! i go to lovas house this time cuz i have cable issuses.....don't ask...
and tomorrow i babysit for cutie! and then i think me and mike and prolly amanda are going to see spongebob....FINALY! and then i don't know what. i might go to kick boxing with amanda and kasey on thursday but i dunno. well i guess im out i go study a little before my test...BYE!

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[09 Dec 2004|02:30pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

hey kids!
oh man the semester is almost over!! im done with classes on the 14th but i have 2 finals on the anyway yesterday i hit my head real hard when i was getting in the car and it hurt like woah and i thought i had a concussion but i don't know how to tell if you have one but i really thought my pupils were dialated but unca said that i wouldn't be able to see well and i was like well if i don't wake up tomorrow you will be wrongo! anyway tuesday was lova day of course what else! we watched real world and the last episode of Laguna (so my guilty pleasure) and i was like hey what if they had a laguna beach 2! that would be cool! and then they were like get ready for the second season of laguna! and i was like hey! except its all about kristen now and she was like my least favorite person...anyway so i thought i had to babysit for cutie yesterday so i got up all early and shit and then i went over there and she was like oh i meant next wednesday and i was like wtf! but its all good i just went back to bed. and so next semester im gonna be like the babysitting queen of the universe cuz i already told cuties mom that i would watch him on tuesdays and thursdays from 8 to 4 and then my cousins wife that just had twins asked me did i want to watch the twins during the week and she would pay me $300! and i was like well i can't do it tuedays and thursdays and so she emailed me today and was like you can do it on mon weds and fris and i was like ok! so i'll have to go to school at night but whatev maybe i can take some online classes!! ha! how lazy is that! but anyway i have to go so peace out!


[07 Dec 2004|05:27pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

i hope you will read this today but my phone doesn't work cuz i totally didn't pay my bill BUT! i will call you when i get home from my uncles phone hopefully he will be there if not i'll go to my moms. to see if you want to still come over for LOVA DAY!

ok so this weekend let me think to what i did....friday i worked 130 to 11 and then i went home and i worked saturday from 930 to 130!!! that was sweet. and then i just chilled out when i got home and then later there is the movie theater by my house that shows usually old movies for cheap and they were showing the muppet christmas carol!!! so me and NJ went and unca brought gramma and NJ brought her BF Nate dog and he brought his mom and sisters and NJ also brought Lisa and lisa brought her brother so it was an cutie evening! i love that movie! RIZZO!! hes so cutie. and then i worked sunday 11 to 730 and then i went home just to find out that my new favorite show desperate housewives was not and then monday i babysat for my cutie. i had to go meet his preschool teacher since im going to be dropping him off and picking him up and stuff. im going to be watching him on tuesdays and thursdays from 8 to 4 and he has preschool from 930 to 1130 (i'll still get paid for the time hes at preschool!) and i'll have to drop him off and pick him up and since the mom is teaching classes she won't be able to work in the class room cuz the parents are suppose to work like twice a month and so they said i could do it which will actually be good from me since thats like what i want to do. and then today i got an email from my cousins wife who just had twins and is going back to work and wanted to know if i would watch them during the week and she said they would pay me $300 a week! are you kidding! i would mos def be able to quit BRU but since i already told mrs. garrett i would watch cutie on tuesdays and thursdays i told danielle that i could do it mondays wednesdays and fridays but she might want like one person the whole week so i don't know damn! that would have been sweet. so we'll just have to see what she says. then i had to work yesterday from 5 to 10 and freakin jer pissed me off cuz hes an ass. and then he tried to be all buddy with me later and i was like get outta here guy!
anyway i gotta go to class now so im out!

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there has to be a reason why i keep doing these [07 Dec 2004|05:08pm]
01 - bees
02 - thunderstorms
03 - spiders

01 - why its taking me so long to finsih school
02 - why im so lazy
03 - why im always tired but sleep all the time

01 - UNC hoodie
02 - jeans
03 - adidas shoes

01 - i
02 - don't
03 - have one

01 - get married
02 - go to australia
03 - have an orgasm! (oh yes lova)

01 - im stressed like all the time
02 - i get frustrated easily
03 - im really shy

01 - cutie!
02 - fool
03 - nunya

01 - australia
02 - the british isles
03 - some place warm and tropical

01 - erinn
02 - fenny
03 - rinn rinn

01 - fennyfromthepark
02 - nomokds
03 - summalovin

01 - shy
02 - silly
03 - nice

01 - lazy
02 - shy
03 - i don't do much

01 - hands
02 - my leg between my knee and foot
03 - my belly button

01 - stomach
02 - face
03 - thighs

What color is most reflective of you: hmm
How did you get the idea for your livejournal name?: well because my last name is fenbert some people decided to call me fenny and i grew up (and my parents still live in) Rosedale Park....therefore i am fenny from the park
What time were you born: um some thing like 2:40am
What song are you playing now, or wish you were playing? disappear
Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry?: uh aaliyah and left eye...
What color underwear are you wearing?: pink
Do you want a baby?: eventually
What does your mom do for a living: speech therapist
What does your dad do for a living: he works at dallas industries (dont ask me what he does)
What is your pet's name: Lacey
What color are your bedsheets?: white with some like pinkish stipes
What are the last 3 digits of your phone number?: 074
What was the last concert you attended?: hoobastank
Who was with you? jeanna
What was the last movie you saw?: napolean dynomite (again!)
Who do you dislike most at this moment?: jeremy from my jorb
What food are you craving right now: rasinettes!
Did you dream last night: yes....a very interesting one at that!
What was the last TV show you watched: days of our lives
What is your fave piece of jewelry: my rings i guess
What is to the left of you: some random person i don't know (im at school)
What was the last thing you ate: cheesitz
Where is your signifigant other right now?: non existant
Do you have a crush?: well i don't know if it counts as a crush cuz i still like the ex
What is his/her name?: david baxter
What shampoo do you use: pantine proV
When was the last time you cut your hair: oh man like may
What shirt are you wearing: UNC hoodie...did we not cover this already
What time is it: 5:23
What color is your razor: purple
What is your fave frozen treat?: fudgecicles
Are you sexy?: what do you think?
Whats your favorite shopping store?: oh i don't know i like delias a lot but i have to order from a catalog and not gonna lie i love me some kohls cuz they have a sale like every day
Are you thirsty: yes
Can you imagine yourself ever getting married: eventually
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[ When was the last time you.. ]
Smiled : a few seconds ago when i read a comment from becky!
Laughed : like an hour ago when i was watching the cheesyness that is full house!
Cried : umm prolly like a couple months ago
Bought something : today when i went grocery shoppin!
Danced : today when i was babysitting
Were sarcastic : oh when am i not
Kissed someone : boo like two months ago...
Talked to an ex : long time
Watched your favorite movie : uh i can't cuz someone coughmichaelcough stole it!
Had a nightmare : i can't remember
Were lulled to sleep by the thought of someone : umm i dunno sometimes

[ A Last time for everything.. ]
Last book you read : oh man the bluest eye for school
Last movie you saw : i watched the sandlot on friday!
Last song you heard: um oh man i don't remember
Last thing you had to drink : coke
Last time you showered : this afternoon
Last thing you ate : leftover pizza

[ Body ]
1. What do you most like about your body: uh i dunno my arms...?
2. And least: all of it
3. How many fillings do you have : i have no idea
4. Do you think you're good looking : not really
5. Do other people often tell you that you're good looking: yea...
6. Do you look like any celebrities : i don't think so...some people for reasons unknown have told me i resemble jessica

[ Fashion ]
1. Do you wear a watch : occasionally
2. How many coats and jackets do you own : um like 3 or 4
4. Most expensive item of clothing : this dress from ann taylor
5. What kind of shoes do you wear : mostly some adidas i need new regular shoes
6. Describe your style in one word : oh man totally scrubbin

[ Friends ]
1. Do your friends 'know' you: well just the ones that i've know like forever
2. What do they tend to be like : umm...people?
3. How many people do you tell everything to: not a lot

[ Other ]
1. Favorite band ever: well i don't know if it counts as "band" but TLC
2. Most listened to bands: TLC
3. Do you find any musicians good-looking : uuhh can you say USHER RAYMOND
4. Can you play an instrument : yep
5. Type of music listened to : r&b, rap, alternative
6. Type never listened to : im not a fan of country usually
7. Favorite book : HA! the fairy rebel!

[ Religion ]
1. Do you detest religion : no
2. How do you think this universe was formed : well i was brought up catholic soo i'll go with that
3. If you currently follow a religion, do you think people who belong to another religion are ignorant: no
4. If you were in a hostage situation, and you were given a choice, to either praise the demon they follow or die, what would you choose : hmm a slightly disturbing question

[ General Questions ]
1. Whom do you believe is the smartest man alive at the moment: ken jennings!
2. What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day : sunny!
3. Do you consider yourself lucky : yea
4. Do you feel pity for people who commit suicide : nope
5. Choose one word to describe how you feel most often: alright

[ Stuff ]
1. Do you own any plaid clothing : well only cuz i went to a catholic school and had to wear a uniform
2. Do you own Converse shoes : yea
3. Do you own Saucony shoes : no
4. Do you own old school Nikes : no
5. Do you wear tight pants : yea
6. Is there more than one zipper in your pants : no
7. Do you know what a squatter flap is : no
8. Do you own a messenger bag : yes
9. Do you wear your messenger bag across your chest: yes
10. Do you own braces : wait does this mean braces on teeth?
11. Are braces worn anywhere besides the mouth : yes
12. Do you have short, shaggy hair : no
13. Does your hairstyle exceed a height of 3 inches : no
14. Would you classify your hair as a deadly weapon : no
15. Do you think mohawks are "neat": no
16. Is your hair black or red : no
17. Do you have a favorite brand of hair dye : no
18. Do you own a bandana : sure
19. Do you wear plugs in your ears: no
20. Are you amused by safety pins : i am amused by everything
21. Have you ever used duct tape as a sewing substitute : most likely
22. Do you own one or more objects with studs or spikes in them :no
23. Do you own one or more articles of clothing from Dogpile, Lip Service, or Tiger of London: no
24. Do you enjoy leopard print : ahhh! not even a little bit

[ Habits/Beliefs ]
1. Are you disgruntled (having a general hate for everything) : sometimes
4. Do you dislike "preps" : no
5. Do you dislike Hot Topic : no
6. Do you smoke cigarettes : no
7. Do you smoke cloves : no
8. Are you a thin waif : no
9. Are you vegan/vegetarian: no
10. Do you think meat is murder : no
11. Do your nighttime activites usually involve drunken underage vomiting : no
12. Have you ever slept in an alley or park : no
13. Do you wash your hair less than once a week : eww
14. Have you ever gone a week without a shower : possibly
15. Have you ever been avoided due to your odor : no
16. Do you know who Jack Kerouac is : yes my sister loves him
17. Do you like Mr. Kerouac : i don't know
19. Are you a member of the Makeout Club : no
20. Do you say "rad" : no

[ Other ]
Name : erinn
Do you like it: yea its aiight
Nicknames : er, erbear, fenny, rinn rinn
Screen names : fennyfromthepark, nomokds
Age : 22
Birthday : april 7
Sign : aries
Location : detroit
School : wayne state
Natural hair color : brownish blonde
Current hair color : blondish with highlights
Eye color : blue
Height : 5'5
Birthplace : detroit
Shoe size : 81/2

[ Family ]
Parents : mommy and daddy
Siblings : abbey
Live with : me
Favorite relative : my cousin david!! hes the coolest

[ Favorites ]
Number : 2
Color: purple
Day : lova day!
Month : april
Song : lots
Movie: clueless
Food : mosticholli
Band : tlc
Season : summer
Sport : to play softball to watch hockey and basketball
Class : yuck
Teacher : mr. tuckey
Drink : chocolate milk
Veggie: carrot
TV Show : desperate housewives!! family guy, the simpsons
Radio Station : i hardly ever listen to the radio
Store : i dunno
Animal : doggie
Flower : lily
State : hmm cali

[ This or That ]
Me/You : me
Coke/pepsi :coke
Day/night : night
Aol/aim : aim
Cd/cassette :cd
Dvd/vhs : dvd
Jeans/khakis :jeans
Car/truck : car
Tall/short : tall
Lunch/dinner : dinner
Gap/Old Navy : old navy
Lipstick/Lipgloss : gloss
Silver/Gold : silver
Alcohol/Weed : alcohol

[ Love and Relationships ]
Do you have a bf/gf : no
Do you have a crush : yeap
If you're single, why are you single : becuase i just broke up with the bf
How long was your longest relationship : 1 year
How long was your shortest relationship : a month
Who was your first love: aaron scott
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[30 Nov 2004|06:14pm]
[ mood | groggy ]


so lets see whats been goin on in the life of me....well friday the kids came over for some drinkin and such....we had such a large amount of alcohol it was pretty carazy. so we just like hung out and drank and we played pictionary and watched like half of every movie cuz they kept changing then except for the sandlot which is by far the best movie ever! so i woke up the next day at like 12:45 right and everyone was gone except for gails boyfriend and im not gonna lie that was a little weird. he was just all on the couch sprawled like it was his job and i was scurred...
unca: everybodys gone, cept fo that crazy guy on your couch.
me: huh? who?
unca: kyle?
me: what! is gail still here?
unca: no
me: WTF?????

he was like half not wearing any clothes either....i love you gail but that was not such a pretty picture...

anyway then saturday i just sat around till i had to go to church because my dads side of the fam has this mass every year on the saturday after thanksgiving that is dedicated to my grandparents so we go to church and you know pray and stuff and then everybody comes back to my house to eat and drink beer as is what is usually done when this side of the family gets together. and my cousin brought over his new baby twins!!!! oh man they are so cutie!! aww i can't wait till they are bigger so i can play with them and make then like me better than my sister!

and then on sunday i had to work allllllll day i just went home after work and chilled out and then went to sleep. then monday i babysat for my cutie and cuties brother this time! so i had john and tommy.
me: cutie! what happend to your thumb?
tommy: he was trying to close the garage and he go it stuck in the door!
me: oh no! thats not good
tommy: yea he was crying bloddy murmer!
me: heeeeeheee!! you are cutie too!

and we had a lovely time but i had to listen to i don't want to work i just want to bang on the drum all day like 92 times.

then when the dad (who is not my favorite person cuz hes weird as hell) came home with the other two from school...emma and tommy attached themselves to my legs and made me walk up the stairs with them on me...and they wanted to come home with me which i would love to steal them cuz i have a thing where i like to steal children but i had to go to work from 4 to 9 which was so lovely! and yea today im at school and what not but its lova day!! yay!

oh i go now


yum yum [25 Nov 2004|10:55pm]
[ mood | tired ]

yay for thanksgiving!
today was a good turkey day! i ate my weight in all the deliciousness but thats ok i'll work it off....never..anyway we had it at our house which is every year but auntie and lo lo came and of course their children the devils and james. then unca and my other uncle jim and my grandma all came. it was nice and yummy! i had to go pick my sister up in AA yesterday and it took like 5 hours cuz of the weather and traffic and stuff. crazy. then last night i just bummed around cuz i have this wicked cold and it sucks. then today was turkey day as i you all already know and we decided to play a friendly family game (which are never friendly we just felt like having a family brawl!) of trivial persuit....mos def a mistake and that game takes fo eva!

i can't wait till tomorrow!!!!! cuz becky beglin is gonna be comin over!! yays! and gail and jenny and all the peeps i don't eva see no mo. having a little get together at eurees! (thats me!) i told some other people i know to stop by if they wish but i prolly think they won't cuz they prolly forgot. oh man i am so freakin tired right now! i can't even handle it.

saturday my family has this mass for my dedicated to my grandparents (my dads) every year on the saturday after thanksgiving so we'll do that then we usually come back to the hizzle for pizza or whatev. then i'll prolly have to work sunday i will have to call and see but other than that thats the weekend for me!

alright ya'll see most of you tomorrow!! yayayayaayay!

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[23 Nov 2004|05:39pm]
[ mood | for thanksgiving!! ]

alright kids euree had quite a busy weekend.
thursday i feel like i did something so let me think i went to school and then....ah yes me and NJ went to yummy mexican town!! and on friday i worked 9 to 4 then went to AA to see my sister in "The Importance of being Earnest" it was good, funny and stuff she was good as well. then we went to get ice cream and my cousin clara came to join us then i went home and went to bed. then saturday i did not work yay!! and i slept in and layed around mos def watched D2 the mighty ducks! i freakin love that movie! and then i was suppose to go see Spongebob with mike but he all was helping beckys mom move stuff so after he was done me and him and dan went to meijers to get provisions for the partay on friday......let me just tell you i felt like the biggest alchy going through the line...then i me and unca went to see my girl NJ and the little girl i babysit in "Flowers for Algernon" that was good too they both were very good. then sunday i went to lunch at applebees!! yum with my cousin christina and then she had to go buy something for her friend who is having a baby so i was scandleous and used my discount for her cuz i didn't have to work sunday either...YAY FOR ETO! and then my friend Jeanna came over and we went to yummy mexican town (again) i totally love me some quesadillas! and then we hit up the state theatre for the Hoobastank concert!

Mike: you are going to a hoobastank concert?
Me: yes
Mike: but you're black!

oh man you kills me

then i came home and chilled out... the concert was good i'll say. three days grace and letterkills were there as well and they were good too.

monday i babysat my cutie! and then me and unca had to clean my moms house becuase we like to not pay rent so thats what shes making us do for it. then i worked 4 to 9! oh man that was cool. then today i cleaned some more and now i have to go to class so thats all.



[20 Nov 2004|01:17am]

Post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want, just so long as it happened.

Then post this to your journal.
See what people remember about you.
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[18 Nov 2004|04:48pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

h'okay....(lova): )

so im in the shower this morning right and i hadn't even gotten my hair wet to wash it and my uncle comes a runnin up the sturrs and starts saying something and i can't really hear him so i opened the door a bit to hear him and hes like the basement is flooding from the water...and im like oook what should i do and hes like turn it off. so i did and i went in the basement to check it out and theres water like errywhurr. so me and my uncle were trying to figure out how this might be happening and we come to the conclusion that i just might have been from last week when we ran out of TP and had to use paper towel.... :/

annnyway so then i had to call the maitenance peeps and she was like have you flushes any paper towels or anything besides toilet paper recently? and i was like uuh....maybe a little...and shes like well for future reference you shouldn't do that cuz it clogs im ok! and so someone can't come till tomorrow to fix it so im just walkin around all smelly and such cuz i couldn't take a shower and i'll have to go to my moms tonight to take one cuz i have to work in the morning and it won't be fixed by then....eeek!

im wearing my super awesome pistons hat tho you know how we do! reperesent!

so yea i skipped my first class today to study for my test in my second class which didn't work out all that well with all this flooding nonsense.

so thats my day today this weekend may be slightly full.
tomorrow i have to work from 930 to 4 then i don't know i might go see my sisters play but i also might do that sunday i dunno. but i might hang out with my cousin too....hmmm options
then saturday i am going to see my friends play and its also my cousins birthday and then sunday is maybe my sisters play and im like one busy chick this weekend. and im prolly gonna get it from someone at work tomorrow for not coming in on sunday but its not my fault and i don't curr.

alright i believe that is all
good day and if you aren't happy today listen to christmas music!!! it will fo sho make you happy!! yay for chirstmas!

Meg: Chris your hogging all the fans
Chris: yea...well...your hogging all the UGLY!!

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[17 Nov 2004|04:44pm]
[ mood | yawny ]

i stole this from my lova! yay!
these are called "lazy updates"!
oh man im in the library at escuela and this kid is having a fight with his significant other on the phone and its pretty amusing if i do say so myself.

i babysat for my cutie today he is like the most precious thing ever. i love him! ok i think thats all peace out fools!

A is for age: 22
B is for booze: i hate beer but love me some triple black!
C is for career: hopefully a kidergarten teacher
D is for dad's name: Stephen
E is for essential items to bring to a party: alcohol...
F is for favorite song at the moment: turntable- TLC
G is for girlfriend: uh i don't roll that way
H is for hometown: DETROIT BABY!! what what
I is for instruments you play: flute and piano
J is for jam or jelly you like: grape!
K is for kids: i want 3 i think
L is for living arrangements: normally by myself but unca is chillin wit me at the moment
M is for mom's name: Sheila
N is for name of your best friend: Nora jean the lima bean
O is for overnight hospital stays: zero
P is for phobia[s]: spiders
Q is for quote you like: anything said by chandler bing
R is for relationship that lasted the longest: aaron scott....yea we had the same name....
S is for sexual position: oooh wouldn't you like to know
U is for unique trait: i don't really have one of those
V is for vegetable you love: cucumbers! and carrots!!
W is for worst trait: ooh but i have lots of those..
X is for x-rays you've had: teeth
Y is for yummy food you make: i don't really cook at all
Z is for zodiac sign: aries

First job: smoothies on seven!
First screen name: nomokds
First funeral: one of my moms relatives
First piercing: ears
First tattoo: i don't have any
First credit card: don't have one of those either
First kiss: uum prolly nicolas dawly in 2nd grade! he was cutie
First enemy: hmmm i don't really know
First favorite musician: debbie gibson.....hard core

Last car ride: like and hour ago on my way to school
Last kiss: oh man like a month ago
Last movie watched: selena
Last beverage drank: coca-cola classic
Last food consumed: wendys
Last phone call: ilona
Last time showered: this morning
Last CD played: a mixed one
Last website visited: the one im on fools

Single or Taken: single as usual
Sex: female
Birthday: April 7th
Sign: de ja vue....aries
Siblings: one sista Abbey
Hair color: blondeish
Eye color: blue
Shoe size: 81/2 or 9
Height: five sixish


ITS TOTALLY LOVA DAY!!!!!!!!! [16 Nov 2004|05:16pm]
where you be?
i hope you are still comin ova tonight
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rough weekend kids... [16 Nov 2004|01:21pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

full tank of gas to get to MSU: $18
probably having to get a new alternater since mine decieded to break in the middle of main street in AA: $200
full tank of gas to get ot MSU in another vehicle: $18
seeing billys reaction to 3 girls that he thought weren't coming walk into his house at 2:30am: priceless

ok so this weekend was a rough one to say the least. so here was the plan... Erinn, Emlily and Emma (E3) had this plan to go up to MSU on saturday night because billy bullock was having a party and wanted us to come. so emily goes to school at kalamazoo college and emma goes to school at UofM so emily was going to take the train to AA and i was gonna scoop them both up in AA and then we would head on up to MSU. SO on my way to AA im just driving along M14 jammin to some TLC when i notice my battery light was i know what that means so im like ok whatev and then all of a sudden my cd player just stops and all the stuff that is lighted up on the inside of the car gets real im like alright this may be a i get to the train station and emily comes out and im like are my head lights on? and shes like well they are really im like great so we get goin to emma's and i told her what happend on the way and so my car like keeps acting like its gonna stall or something so i keep it goin as long as i can but my little jorge could go no more and decides to just die in the middle of main street in ann arbor....nice. so then i didn't know what was wrong with it so i start calling people i know that have cars in AA cuz i thought that i needed a jump or something so im on the phone with Trev and this po po pulls up behind me and is trying to talk to me while im on the phone and im tellin ian that i'll call AAA so then the po po is like well i already called them i tried to tell you but you just weren't paying attention to me... and i was like i was on the phone you jerkass!! what a fucker anyway then hes like radioing someone and he told them i was a traffic hazard :( anyway then we are like asking him what he thougt was wrong and he was like we have to tow it and emily was like do think if we jump it it would work and hes like no it would do were like yay...and the tow truck man told us the same thing so im like what the hell am i gonna do. so he tows us to this firestone place that was around the corner and im trying to get a hold of my dad to see if he wants me to get it towed home or leave it or what so we just went back to emma's dorm but before that we stopped at the union cuz emily was hungary and i saw jeanna which is one of the people i called for jumper cables so that was cool. then we went to emmas dorm to contimplate what the hell we were going to do cuz emily's ride back to kzoo was in lansing to we still needed to get there. so we are like calling around town to see what we can do and we called billy and told him we probably weren't coming. and then at like 1130 i talked to my mom and my uncle and talked them into coming to get us and then going back to drop him off and then me taking the car to state...and thats what we did. my uncle who is the awesomest guy ever came to ann arbor then drove back to the D so i could use another car...we got to billy's at 230am! oh man so we walk into the house and billy still didn't know we were coming cux he like didn't answer his phone ever and his reaction was like the greatest thing ever and made it totally worth all the shit we went through to get there. but then the next day was drama as well
so emma's parents were suppose to be coming to aa and her mom called while we were still in lansing and she told her mom that she was at her dorm and we were like ok but they weren't gonna be there for a while. meanwhile my dad keeps calling me when i was "suppose" to be at work so i was like if they think im at work why to they keep calling me?? but i was suppose to go to work at 11 but mos def didn't wake up till around then so i called and said my car was broke and didn't think i would make it. so then i called my dad back and heres how the convo went:
DAD: erinn, where are you?
Erinn: im at work...
dad: no you are not don't lie to me
erinn: yes i am!
dad: then how come i just called there are they said you weren't there?
erinn. ...... you did not call there!
dad: yes i did, why are you lying
erinn: im not!
dad: then why do they think you aren't there?
erinn: i don't know! cuz im not at work...
dad: then where are you?
erinn: ...ann arbor
dad: where are you
erinn: in emmas dorm..
dad: whos emma?
erinn: my friend
dad: ok i want you to go to the car and check it out
erinn: ok i'll call you when i get over there
dad: don't have to lie

oh man that was intense and then when we were driving back he called my like 9 times to see if i was at the car yet and i was like dad i'll call you when i get there!!! and so by the time i got back to aa my phone was like real close to dying and so i went and got my sister so i could use her phone to talk to my dad. and then i tried to look at what he wanted me to look at but i didn't know what i was looking at so he was like ok im coming out there. so meanwhile me and my sister went to get our eat on and when we got back my dad and uncle were there and he tried to start my car and it did so he was like ok i'll try to drive it back so me and my uncle followd him and like 10 minutes into the drive it died again so we called AAA and they came and i went home cuz i was sooooooo tired and then they made me pick up my mom and take her to where they were going to eat but i wasn't hungary so i just took her and went home and watched tv. so that was the end of that.

yesterday i babysat for my cutie and then came home and took a lloooooong nap. and just layed around like a lazy bum and today im at school with no car...the story of my life. and today is lova day so hopefully i will see my lova!!!

ok i know all your eyeballs are going to fall out from reading this so good luck with that.

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running the the much of the suck [11 Nov 2004|01:33pm]
[ mood | cold ]

ok so im still mad about my parking situation so i didn't go to school yesterday but i had to today cuz i had a test in geology and i had to do my geo lab and i should probably go to my history class cuz i mos def have just not gone for like a lot of times....i just read my book and go when i have an exam which is always i hate that class!! and i havn't decided yet if im gonna go to my psychology class cuz i just might run out of quarters to put in the stupid 2 hour meters. wtf!

anyway i baby sat for my cutie on monday and oh man let me tell you hes too cutie and i always tell him he is and hes like no im not cutie! you are cutie! and i think that he thinks its bad or something
and then he picked up this CD and he was like whos that? and iwas like thats Ray Charles and hes like yea hes blonde...and i was like what!? and hes like hes blonde he can't see! and i was like oooohhh hes bLINd! cutie!

and then when his mom came home she was like would you mind staying for a little bit to play with tommy because he was crying on the way home becuase he didn't want you to leave when he got home! and iwas like OK!! cutie!
cuz usually i just watch cutie baby while she like goes to the gym or whatever and then she goes and gets tommy from kindegarten and then when they get home they leave but i felt special so i stayed and played with him cuz hes cutie too. i havn't sat for the older girls in like a real long time tho i miss them!

oh man! billy bullock just called me! and i can't answer the phone cuz i get like no reception in the library where i am currently...poot.

oh well i'll call him back when i leave out this piece. oh man im excited that kid kills me! hes so random. one year when we were up north campin it, we went tubing down the river no mind you this is the au sable river ok its tiny and then it like started thundering and stuff and so we got out and stood on the side and billy goes "maybe the coast gaurd will come"! and we all just looked at him and his cousin was like "the coase gaurd!!" oh geez you might have had to be there but it was hilarious!

i don't know whats going on this weekend except that i work tomorrow from 130 to "10" and then saturday i have off cuz i requested ETO or else the would never ever give me saturday off....cuz im going to see the walled lake western high school production of "A Christmas Carol" with like all the fam cuz my cousin is in the orchestra....yea hes not even in the show but whatev it'll be cool and i've never seen him play you know like in something so it'll be cool! and then i think i might go see the Rosedale Park, Park Players Production of Flowers for Algernon because my best friend is in it and the little girl i baby sit is in it. and then i don't know i might go up to state with emily cuz billy said he was having a party...:) and then sunday i most likely have to work. oh man my friend mary that used to work at BRU came up there to see me last friday and she wanted me to go out with her on saturday cuz its ladies night at he Vue in Lansing :/ and i was like i dunno...cuz that kinda scares me. she also said that vickie's mom died which is real sad cuz vickie and her mom were real close and it was sudden. anyway i believe that is all

peace out homies

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